Nine Ways to Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Boating

They say if your child hasn’t been bitten by the bug to fish or boat by the time he is 13, he likely never will take up either sport. And if his first fishing and boating experiences are defined by confined boredom and a constant need to be quiet, still and patient, he’ll likely lose interest even before that tender age. Kids stink at all of these, and introducing them to boating and fishing in way that gives them the right taste of the game is infinitely more important in the formative years.


How Do I Find My Way While Sailing?

When you start sailing, you’ll navigate by looking where you want to go, and going there. Some people spend their whole sailing careers that way. But it’s a good idea to learn at least basic navigation— to be able to read a chart, plot a course and steer accurately by compass. It’s easy to learn, and you don’t need much in the way of math skills. If you take a sailing course, the curriculum will include all the above, and more.

What to Do When Bringing your Pet Onboard

Q: What should I do before I bring my pet on board?
A: Get a checkup, make sure vaccinations are up to date, carry a signed vaccination certificate and or health certificate, get a stool test to check for worms, check for heartworm and make sure the dog is on preventative medication. Make sure nails are trimmed and pads are in good shape.



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