7 Best Hunting Games

We’re taking a look at the best hunting games in this compilation, each attempting to recreate the experience virtually whilst delivering a realistic feel.If you love the sport and prefer not going out in the wilderness or even harming animals, these titles will let you take a crack at feeding led to various types of critters, both widely available and even rare.


1. Hunting Unlimited 2010:

Hunting Unlimited 2010

Hunting Unlimited 2010 has a lot to get excited about. It allows you to set foot in various locations that are free to roam and are vast in size. You can travel to places like North America, Canada and the Bavarian Forest amongst many others to hunt down a plethora of animals in free mode. If you’re looking for a challenge, there are over 110 missions available where you’ll be able to take out a moose, a mountain lion, a mule deer and even a red deer.



Your character is highly customizable with different styles and attires and you’ll also be presented with a plethora of weapons which can be tested out at the shooting range.


2. Deer Drive:

Deer Drive

Like Hunting Unlimited 2010, Dear Drive is also a product of SCS Software. The title was launched way back in 2006 and is very enjoyable even now. Instead of running through vast lands and stalking animals for the perfect shot, this game puts you directly where all the action is with fast-paced shooting as different critters run by your sight in seconds. All you need to do is aim and shoot. There are various animals to take out and some even attack.



For Windows, the developer is offering a demo version with limited features and it can be unlocked by purchasing activation. Deer Drive has also been brought over to OS X trough the Mac store and it can be found on the Nintendo Wii and DS consoles as well.


3. Cabela’s African Adventures:

Cabela's African Adventures

Next up is African Adventures from Cabela’s vast roster of titles. Launched back in October of this year, it’s available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. Set in the vast wilds of Africa, you’ll face some of the most dangerous animals like lions and leopards amongst others. It’s either kill or be killed here as these critters come at you with all their might.



The gameplay is open-world, which means you can freely explore the lands and there are story based missions as well. Speaking of which, your main goal is to retrieve pieces of a stolen artifact which is valuable to a local tribe. To do so, you’ll have to take down 5 different beasts with the help of different weapons and abilities which are unlocked as you progresses.


4. Hunter’s Trophy 2: America:

Hunter's Trophy 2: America

Bigben Interactive’s Hunter’s Trophy 2 has earned quite a bit of popularity and its America installment brings the simulation to various locations in the USA including the Kentucky marshland, Colorado plains, Alaska mountains, Wyoming lakes and Alberta forest. Here, you take control of your character and a tracking dog where both track down targets through combined efforts.



There are 3 main modes to play, namely hunting season where you earn a license and unlock new skills, shooting range which is basically for target practice, and hunting weekend that lets you roam locations and freely take out prey. Animal behavior is quite realistic and there are 20 types of critters to shoot at. You get 10 unlockable weapons and an online leaderboard to compete against friends.


5. Outdoors Unlimited:

Outdoors Unlimited

Developed by Mastiff, Outdoors Unlimited is an online title for Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. The game aims to deliver not only hunting, but also other outdoor activities such as fishing and camping in a single package. There’s an RPG system here as well, and the graphics are just beautiful. The developer is offering the game free of cost and all you have to do to obtain a copy is sign up for an account.



There are many environments to hunt in and you’ll learn how to fire weapons such as rifles, shotguns and even bows. Various tournaments are being hosted where you can win in-game merchandises and equipment.

6. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013:

Dangerous Hunts 2013

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 is not your usual hunting title where you stalk your target and take them out from a distance. Well it has a bit of that too, but mostly fast-paced action like a FPS. You’ll go up against hordes of animals that want you as dinner. To defend yourself, there are numerous weapons at your disposal.



During the narrative, you’ll also be presented with arcade style shooter gameplay where you simply have to take out targets by aiming with the crosshair like in the classic Virtual Cop release. This is also present for the co-op mode in Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 where you and a friend can take on waves of critters in split screen view.


7. Deer Hunter 2014:

Deer Hunter 2014

Deer Hunter 2014 is a title developed by Glu Games and released for Android, Mac OS X as well as iOS. It lets you explore three different locations including the Pacific Northwest in North America and the Savannah of Central Africa. You can participate in Contract hunts and Trophy hunts, both of which earn you cash. There are over 100 animal species and various unlockables as well as equipment.



The title supports leaderboards and it allows you to earn trophies to compete against others. You get all these features for free. Well, there is one catch. You’ll also be able to play for a fixed amount of time till you have energy, then it’s a bit of a wait for it to refill. You can also purchase more energy and various weapons by shelling out real cash.



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