Fishing Tips and Tricks

One of the great things about fishing is that there are plenty of freshwater fishing tips and tricks out there. Just about every angler has some hard-earned wisdom to share. Some can be taken with a grain of salt. And some can be taken more seriously. Here, we present some of the latter, gathered from people who really know fishing.


River Fishing Tips

Stream and River Fishing : Fishing in streams and rivers means you’re dealing with moving water, and that’s different from more stationary waters found in lakes or ponds. River fishing and stream fishing means knowing where the water is moving, and how fish behave in it.


fishing knots

The challenges fishing knots, of keeping line connected to a hook and joining two lines, are as old as fishing itself. Any fishing knot will create weakness in a line, but a correctly tied fishing knot will maintain far more line strength. The fishing knots below are each designed for a particular use and matching the knot to your needs and its application is just as important as trying it correctly.



Types of Airguns


Essential Saltwater Fishing Gear